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A Consistent Clean for Property Excellence

A clean property is the first impression for guests and staff. Pure Clean provides a proven cleaning solution with 24/7 local customer support. The power of clean is always one call away.

Fresh. Natural. Safe.

"Being clean has always been a part of who we are. In elementary school I used to turn door knobs with the bottom of my shirt, only use the bathroom at my home, laid down lots of toilet paper so nothing touched the seat, and polished the faucet handles when leaving bathrooms because it simply looked better. I have come a long way since these days... but have spent the past six years creating Office Cleaning Solutions for my beautiful hometown of Minneapolis. All of our services and products Pure Clean provides are the same services and products I use with my family. If you have made it all the way through the website, thank you, it was a privilege to make this for you."

Be Great,

Founder, Craig Simonson

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