Step 1: Free Estimate Form

Once you have decided you are interested in our services, fill out the Free Estimate Form to begin our process. Here you can communicate your needs in an easy form for us to review prior to meeting with you. We will be in contact with you within 12 hours of submitting your form. Click here to access the form: FREE ESTIMATE FORM

Step 2: On-Site Meeting

Upon contacting you from your form submission, we will schedule an on-site meeting to walk through your property with you giving you the opportunity to communicate in detail the needs of your building. Additionally, we will go over any questions you may have, and curate a customized list we call your "Cleaning Checklist". 

Step 3: Receive Bid

Once we have a clear understanding of your needs and expectations, we will put together a bid outlining: start date, days of service, items to be completed at each service, cost of services, additional services added, and point of contact.

Step 4: Sign Agreement 

Once you have reviewed the bid and agree to the services, we will send over an agreement for you to sign.

Step 5: Begin Services 

Once we have the signed contract, we will begin services as per our agreement.